A Walk in the Countryside

Normally I only visit my dad’s house twice a year (even though it is only a half an hour car ride away) as he lives I’m my old hometown where I spent the majority (16 years) of my life growing up. However since my boyfriend had two days off work I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity for him to “get to know” my dad a little better.
We arrived on Friday evening where we were treated to some food at the local pub. I opted for a vegetarian lasagne whilst the boy’s went for the Scampi and  Chips deal. It was a lovely evening to just have a chat and a catchup, dad and Ben even had a mutual friend in common…weird!
The next day we woke up bright and early for once (9AM) and munched on our peanut butter and Nutella covered crumpets in front of The Amazing Spiderman.
Here was my outfit for the day:
Jacket – Topshop || Top – Forever21 || Jeans – Forever21 || Pandora Bracelet || Brown Ankle Boots
After breakfast we headed out a walk to a nearby reservoir (popping into the corner shop for some sweeties on the way). We then walked to the nearby park, taking time to stroll past my old house where I spent the first 16 years of my life!
We then walked down to the near-by park where we spent a good few hours playing on the swings, the monkey bars and all-sorts! Seeing that the toddler park was deserted we took over and made good use of the seahorses. However I made the bad decision of boasting that I was small enough to fit in a children’s swing; I successfully managed to fit in one but then got stuck, so poor Ben had the struggle of pulling me out (much to my embarrassment).
The big dome swing was my favourite though, as we both laid in the dome enjoying the sunshine and a small breeze; it was like paradise! We stayed in that position for a good hour or so…

We then took ANOTHER walk (see a theme forming here?) to the beach/deserted sand mines where my shoes got ruined by the mud! Although I found a cute two-part seashell and i’m planning to create a necklace from it (blog post coming soon!) 
To end the weekend we drove down to the nearest town with the roof back to make the most of the sunshine, and all three of us (Dad, Ben and I) had an ice cream with a flake. Although we made a quick get away when the swans started chasing us!
Overall It was a beautiful, relaxing and fun weekend that I think ill never forget. Hopefully we’ll go back there soon when its hot and go to a proper beach!
How have you been enjoying the April Sunshine?

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