18th Birthdays & Exams

This week has been a bit of a drag due to all my friends still sitting their exams and me, sitting home acting all lonely for 3 weeks *I finished early…schweet!*. Thanks to all this new free time I can abuse my TV remote by watching day time TV an pretending to be Jeremy Kyle all day! I have started to watch all the programmes I have missed during the exam period; which pretty just means Broadchurch. I don’t know how I got hooked….whether it’s my obsession with David Tennant come back to haunt me or whether it may be that Olivia Colman is featuring aswell, *Either way, Tennant and Colman are a part of my all-time favourite people list* I AM HOOKED. All this week i’ve been watching it back to back whilst devouring every microwave popcorn packet in my house.
However this Friday I finally escaped and set off to a party, my college performance studies friend *Thats a mouthful* Lucy’s 18th! Her actual birthday is on 28th July so… HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY LUCY! Normally I don’t venture out past my driveway and try to avoid public spaces like the plague, but i’m really glad I didn’t this weekend. I made awesome and beautiful new friends that night (And in my drunken state declared them my new best friends) and I hope to seem them again soon! 🙂
18th Birthday
What have you guys been up to this week? Slaving *procrastinating* over revision and exams? or maybe training to become an official sloth on your living room sofa? Let me know down below!
AnnieMAC x

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