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Previously I had heard about the Bloggers Love event’s but had never managed to go to one, luckily I popped it into my calendar last year so I could remember to book a place this year!
Blogger’s Hangout (Previously Blogger’s Love) are a company based on bringing blogger’s and brand’s together for new opportunities. The dress code for the event was Black Chic but unfortunately I have nothing purely black in my wardrobe so I opted for this Black and White Dogstooth Dress from Primark with Joe Browns Ankle Boots and a Green Hat from Asos.
When I first arrived at Waterloo station I tried to find the people I had been messaging on Twitter but to no avail, instead I occupied my time playing “Spot the Blogger” (ie. who’s wearing black). Whilst playing the game I met Katrina who was also waiting for other bloggers, Ana and her friends.
We all headed off to the OXO Tower in London to be greeted with a room full of bloggers and brands.

First up was the brand With Love Lilly, featuring a mother and daughter power duo focused on bringing girls unique and handmade intimates which make them feel Confident, Free and Sexy.
One of the things I love about this brand is its ethos and how they want their beautiful lingerie to empower girls, and let’s face it with the media nowadays a lot of girls are not as body confident as they should be myself included. I also noticed whilst scrolling through their site that their bra’s go up to a 34 DD/E which I expected as most delicate lacy bra’s are more suited to a smaller bust however they have inserted a “Custom” option where you can give them your size details and they’ll make the product tailor-made for you. If only I was small enough to not need an underwire….sigh.
Here are some of my favourites:
Champagne Blush Bralette | Luna Bralette | Ariel Bralette | Nina Bralette
One of my many favourites of the day was MaisonVes, a company that sells luxury hashtag candles! With themed printed hashtags around the candles base, this makes them ideal gifts for special occasions such as Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings or even as a simple Thank You.  As candles go they look clean, modern and “totally instagrammable” (is that even a word?). My favourite is the #BFF Candle with a Cassis, Apricot, Fig and Cherry Blossom scent..yum! Which includes the following hashtags, #BFF #BESTIE #PARTNERINCRIME #FRIENDSFOREVER #GIRLS #MEMORIESFORLIFE #YOUMEANTHEWORLDTOME #XOXO.
A brand I’d researched quite a bit before the event was Little Ondine, this nail varnish  promises to be odour free, quick drying and easy to peel off (instead of using acetone) so I thought I would investigate. I was pleased to find that all of this and more was true! Little Ondine uses natural ingredients in its varnishes so your nail beds remain undamaged by chemicals, this is also to give your nails a smooth and hydrating finish. Take one of their twins sets in your handbag to either refresh or change your colour on the go without worrying about stinking out the room thanks to their odour free formula. These are the elements of varnish that put me off painting my nails more often (mainly because it’s more trouble than it’s worth) but after trying some out at the event, I might have to buy some for myself! My favourite colours of the moment are:
Ripple | Admiration | Afternoon Tea | HoneyMoon
Motel Rocks was next with their new Autumn/Winter Collection which looked absolutely stunning. We were asked to pick out our favourite piece and mine was this gorgeous turtleneck black sequinned dress pictured below, perfect for a winter evening event! They were also lovely enough to give me a gift bag filled with lots of goodies which will be at the end of the post. Here are some of my favourite picks from their site:
Fleur of England was a brand I had never heard of till this event, and I must say I am in love with their lingerie! A luxurious brand which prides themselves on being purely British, Fleur of England is designed by women for women. They also have a handy “Gentlemen’s guide” which makes the process of buying lingerie for your partner that much easier. The brand styles up to a 36DD which again, unfortunately, is too small for my bust, maybe a diet might be in order to fit into these beautiful bras.
My favourites are:
After Dark Balcony Bra | After Dark Playsuit | Scarlet Boudoir Bra
Paul & Joe is possibly one of my favourite brands ever despite not owning a single item from the beauty brand. Apart from its amazing quality Paul & Joe is best known for its emphasis on packaging which was something I noticed when I first started looking at the brand (They had a beautiful Alice in Wonderland collection a few years ago and I was hooked from then on). This year they have wowed yet again with their AW15 collection featuring many a cat print, as you can see from the images below there are individual cream eye colours, cream and powder blushes, waterproof eyeliner, balms and my favourite of all lipsticks which feature a “chat de cafe that reappears with every application” in the centre of each lipstick. You may have also noticed the makeup bag sitting in the first image which comes with a few of the collections products as well as eyeshadow slips which can be opened and sealed (so it doesn’t go all over your bag) and each can be used about 15 times. Perfect for a Christmas gift or if you don’t want to lug an eyeshadow palette on holiday with you.



I had a lovely time at the event meeting lots of new bloggers and brands, and I for one can’t wait till next year! I brought home two goodie bags filled with items that I thought I’d show you. Thank-you to all the brands who worked at the event and gifted me lots of lovely items, and thank-you for Bloggers Hangout for putting on a great event!


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