Blogging Tips: For Newbies and Oldies to Blogging

Recently i’ve been producing a lot of sponsored, wish list and event posts and while I love to swoon over clothes I can’t always afford, I lost the will to blog (rather over dramatic there).
 I fell out of love with blogging; this was really bugging me because sitting down and writing a post or email became a chore rather than a pleasure.
When reflecting I feel this really due to what I blogged about, as I had topped writing about things that excited me and things I was passionate about. So as you may have seen I took a break from  took a blogging; not just because I was moving to university (post coming soon) but because I wanted to re-experience the feelings of when I first started blogging.
 I read through dozens of tutorials on photography, organisation, engagement,productivity and more; and now I have decided to compile all the information I read through into a few simple blog posts for you. I found all these articles to be incredibly helpful so I hope mine will be as helpful to you as they were to me.I will be going into more detail with some aspects (mainly the ones typed above) in the future but for now here is my five top tips for both newbies and oldies to blogging:

What are you blogging for:
(trying not to start singing songs from Mulan)
A lot of bloggers forget this simple tip like I did. The most key thing to blogging are the questions: Why do/did you want to write a blog? What do you (want to) write about? I feel every blogger needs to reflect on these questions a little more often, especially when suffering with writers block or the dreaded “I’m bored of blogging” scenario. 
Dont underestimate social media:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc they are all amazing tools to have in your arsenal. Im pretty more than half my views come from Twitter and the rest are from Facebook and Instagram. /most people know this however forget how essential they are if you want people to come read your blog. No-one is going to know about your blog if you don’t shout about it to the world!

The visual stuff matters:
Your blog design, your photography and your branding are the things people are going to notice first when they look at posts; quite the shallow part of blogging. Bluntly, if you don’t have pretty pictures it doesn’t attract new readers, but when a blog is well designed,  visually appealing and has photography which makes you lust after products or experiences, people are going to want to read.

Make an effort and others will to:
I have to admit this is one of my worst habits; putting effort into every aspect of your blog to make it great. This means creating a posting schedule and sticking to it, commenting on other peoples blogs, replying to your own comments, keeping your social media sites updated and actually posting on them etc. I feel a lot of people coming into the blogging world don’t understand how much work goes on behind the scenes and sometimes it does mean hard work! The more effort you put into blogging they more you’ll get out of it.

Promote individuality:
No-one wants to read a copy of someone else or dozens of the same styled posts (I rest my case with the “whats in my bag” post). What makes you YOU? What makes you that slightly bit different from Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter or Tanya Burr? Its these differences that will make you and your blog stand out. I admit being individual in a world with thousands/millions of bloggers is rather difficult, but even if its the way you write, the pictures you post of the style of posts you do; people recognise the smallest bits of individuality and will reward you for being one of a kind. 

Hope thats helped some of you out, please do tell me in the comments if it has, or even if you don’t agree with my tips write it in the comments and we can have a discussion.

Whats your top blog tip?

Anna xoxo


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