Easy Cooking: Healthy Kebabs

DISCLAIMER: This is a different kind of post from me today as I don’t normally go into food blogging, however I thought if I am learning new things for university I should blog about it so others can use these easy ideas as-well.
As I am Pescetarian , at home I live quite a healthy lifestyle (thanks to my mother) however as soon as I leave the house I normally end up binging on McDonalds, Crepes and Belgian Waffles…
Soon I will be heading off to university and my mother wanted to give me some quick easy cooking lessons to make sure I eat a healthy variety of food when she’s not there. 
So here was my first cooking lesson: Healthy Kebabs!

You will need : Fresh Fish (salmon, tuna, non-cooked prawns), Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, Oil (Olive or Vegetable) and Kebab Sticks
If you want to add any other ingredients or get rid of some thats fine, just remember to keep it healthy! 
First get a bowl and mix crushed garlic and oil together (this helps  the food to cook faster and gives it a little bit of extra flavour),  then cut up vegetables and fish into small chunks (Tip: keep the sizes big enough to they won’t fall off during cooking).
Arrange the food onto your kebab sticks (Tip: Place harder foods like onion and peppers on the end of the sticks so your food stays on the sticks)
Then its time to cook!

For cooking I used a disposable barbecue which can cost as little as 1.79! Just leave it on an overturned plant pot a distance away from your table for safety. To start a disposable barbecue just remove the cardboard top, light up the paper inside with a match and voila!  Tip: Leave the barbecue for a while until the coal goes a white colour then it’s at its hottest.

I hope you enjoyed this different post today and I hope it is as helpful to you as to was to me. Have you got an easy recipe’s you swear by? Tell me in the comments below.
Anna xox


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