Essential Christmas #Box of Lame

I know I haven’t posted in a while but I just wanted to pop this post out here before I go on a break, but don’t worry I’ll be back before February, for now though here’s my Essential Christmas Box of Lame Review!

If you are returning reader of my blog, will undoubtfully know that I have a love – a small obsession really – with stationary, in particular, That Lame Company. Originally founded by two graduates, it is now run by the lovely Chloe from MojiChlo who as well as producing a variation of exciting prints, stationary and notepads also produce the exciting #Box of Lame! I’ve previously reviewed the #Box of Lame twice before, my first box being the Spring #Box of Lame from earlier last year – the first product I had ever received from the shop – and the Blogger #Box of Lame last summer. Luckily I had won the Instagram Competition for Best Photo of the Spring #Box of Lame and received a £10 voucher to use on my next purchase, which I saved especially for the next #boxoflame which was the Blogger Box. After stalking their twitter for months, they finally announced they would be releasing an Essential Christmas Box of Lame.
Of course, I started saving my pennies straight away, then come the week of the release all my money had gone overnight – this was the day I realised contactless payments are the devil’s work and that I had forgotten all the cheeky McDonalds payments over the last few weeks -. I had taken part in a giveaway to win a #Box of Lame and had retweeted and thought nothing of it – I’m not usually the winning type – so when I woke up the day the winner was announced, to my complete surprise I had won the giveaway, hurrah! So I thought I’d give you a run down of all the products that were included inside the latest #Box of Lame.


I’m a big lover of art/motivational prints and already have many from That Lame Company adorning my walls, so I was quite excited to get some more. There were 8 x A6 motivational prints with different styled backgrounds and various motivational messages to get you up and ready for your day. There was also a “Bloggers Do It Better” print for those who chose the blogger option, a Rose Gold Foil Print and a Red Foil Print.


A new addition to the regular products was the 2 x A5 New Years Resolution Kraft Paper, which I am buzzing to fill in with my metallic sharpies – so shiny -. As you can see this is part of the box that is themed around Christmas/ New Years, making it one of the several products exclusive to the Christmas Essential #Box of Lame. Even though I’m rather rubbish at resolutions – “to eat pie” was my only resolution for about 10 years – I’m going to fill this up and place it on my wall to remind and motivate myself through the year to reach my goals.


I love a good notepad, so love when the #Box of Lame is full of them – no lie I probably have 30 ongoing at a time – this #Box of Lame was no exception. Most who know me know I am plain damn awful with money – no beating around the bush here – and most of my Student Finance loan will disappear in a month instead of the usual 3-4 months. I’ve decided 2017 will be the year I start saving, so this A5 Budgeting Planner is perfect! As soon as the loan comes in on the 9th Jan, this pad is going to be my holy grail. You also get an A6 ‘things I need to do: today, tomorrow’ notepad which is great to keep on you when your out and about or just needing to get things done around the house.



Who doesn’t love a foody treat every so often? I know I certainly do! This adorable Reindeer inspired treat is filled with Hot Chocolate – and in most cases marshmallows too but since I am pescetarian I asked for mine without -, two packets of twinnings tea and a peanut hottie in a small Christmas tie bag and finally a cardboard zip lock bag from Liv a Little Bakery filled with jelly sweets! All of these are great for a cosy night in watching movies and cuddled up in a blanket!


Decorations & Misc

Lastly, just for Christmas, we have a few themed decorations and other lovely bits! First are the three Wooden Tree Decorations hand-made with alphabet stamps, a Pinecone Decoration spray painted gold with a gold bow to match, a spray painted half gold Wooden Candle Holder – possibly one of my favourite bits-, 20 x Festive Paper Pieces to make a Paper Chain with perfect for your headboard or desk, Gingerbread and Snowman shaped Wax Melts with a Christmas scent from Emily Makes Boutique, and lastly a small Christmas Cookie scented Yankee Candle.


Overall – even though I didn’t think it was possible – I loved this box just as much as my other two boxes. Congrats to That Lame Company for doing such a fabulous job again and again for making amazing products, introducing us to fabulous smaller shops, curating an amazing box and keeping it so affordable!

The #Box of Lame was £21 but is unfortunately sold out, but not to worry, some of the products are being sold individually on the That Lame Company shop. This means whatever the budget you can still enjoy the wonders of a #Box of Lame!

Make sure you check out the rest of That Lame Company if you’re looking to buy some stationary bits to glam up your desk.




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