Everyday Makeup Staples

Everyday Beauty Staples

As a teenager, my skin was constantly changing skin types, going oily to dehydrated sometimes in hours however now I’m entering my twenties my skin has started to settle allowing for a new beauty routine to step into place. Coming soon will be my skincare routines, but first, I’m going to show you my Everyday Make-up Staples!As my skin is rather oily in my t-zone, I like to use a light moisturiser which is oil free. My favourite to use is Neutrogena’s Oil Free Moisturiser as this add’s a light layer to my face without feeling making it feel too oily or sticky. This moisturiser also has an SPF of 15 which is perfect for anyone who want’s to protect their face from the sun’s UV rays but in particular for those of us who are a little more pale who need extra protecting on a daily basis.

On a normal day, I skip foundation as I find it really thick and it makes my face feel heavy, instead, I use a combination of concealers. I have developing tear ducts which are deep indents starting from the inner corner of your eye which stretch across your cheek, these are caused by lack of tissue between your skin and the bones around your eye sockets. Notoriously hard to cover up, I use the salmon concealer for NYX Concealer, Camouflage and X in Light to correct this blue/purple shaded indent then dot a small amount of Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla on this line which I blend in with my ring finger. I then use my creamy concealer stick to go over any prominent red patches and a few spots. Then to fix all of this concealer and get rid of any redness still left I use my M.A.C Mineralise Skinfinish in Natural. I have used other powders like M.A.C’s Studio Finish, however, I was finding it was much too thick and heavy and I didn’t need that fuller coverage so I switched to Skinfinsh as it’s nice and light on the skin and controls my oily t-zone without feeling heavy.

Next, I go in with blushes and bronzers, my top pick’s of the moment are Soap and Glory’s Solar Powder and Nars Orgasm. With my Solar Bronzer I like to use the lighter side and as it get’s warmer mix the two colours together so I have more colour in my face. Over the last few years I’ve gone through my fair share of blushes ranging from a subtle peach to a bloomin’ bright pink, but recently (as you may have seen from my ASOS sales post) ASOS had limited 20% off for students and I had been waiting for eon’s to replace my much loved NARS Orgasm Blush so made use of my discount and bought a brand new one! So since my purchase, it’s all I’ve been using on my cheeks. I originally found this shade by getting a NARS makeup artist to do a full face of makeup for me, luckily she had exactly the same face shade, hair and eye colour so she knew my perfect shades as she used them herself. It’s a gorgeous rosy pink which is leaning towards the warmer tones with speckles of gold glitter marbled inside, however, the good isn’t overpowering and glittery and instead acts more of a natural highlighter within the blush, a two in one!

Going onto my favourite step, my eyes and my favourite palette to use right now is the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette. All natural shades and a mix of matte and shimmer shades this palette are perfect for everyone and anyone. As its all neutral the 3 shades on the left are all light so are perfect for the day time, then the middles shades are for when you want to put a little more effort into your makeup/ want to add a shade to the crease of your eye, and last are the shades to the right which are perfect for a smokey eye look for the evening (or to users an eyeliner). I love pretty much all these eyeshadows and use them on a daily basis but my favourite combinations are Heaven & Cashmere Bunny, Honey Pot & Push up and singularly Nudie. I then use Sexspresso and line the top of the lid instead of using a liquid liner as I find it looks much softer and is better for everyday, keeping the liquid eyeliner for nights out. Note, I only use eyeliner on my lids rather than underneath my eye (occasionally I do use eyeshadow underneath as-well) as otherwise it makes me look dead tired. To lengthen my lashes I first use my H&M Eyelash curler and then apply Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. I had heard lots of hype around this mascara but mascaras have never really caught my interest however I got gifted the Better than Sex Mascara at an event a few months ago and I fell in love with the volume it gave my lashes.

I suffer from awfully dry and chapped lips – not the best base for matte lipstick! Every so often, particularly when I want to use a matte lipstick I will use LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub. This will get rid of all my dead skin and buff my lips so they are smooth again, I then use Carmex to keep my lips moisturised for my choice of lip colour – which changes daily. Last but not least I set my makeup by spraying Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little post, let me know if you did and whether you would like more posts like this!


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