“Exploring Canada” continued

For the last post in my “Exploring Canada” Series I head off to Ottawa to visit my relatives. Since 2011 I’ve only been on a couple of city holiday’s (i.e. sightseeing) with my mum, and this year after finishing my A2 exams it was really refreshing to go on holiday to just relax by the pool with an ice cream.
We took many (too many for my tummy) trips down to the quaint town of “Merrickville” for original ice cream, including a watermelon flavor and an orange/black liquorice flavor (yuck!), we also had a couple of boxes of “Poutine”. Now for those of you who have no idea what i‘m on about “Poutine” is a traditional Canadian specialty, made up of chips smothered in gravy and cheese curds. Sounds disgusting right? It has to be one of my top must-try food’s if your heading to Canada on a holiday! It tastes delicious and is highly addictive.

For a fun activity we decided to go out white water rafting for the day, perfect for a hot summers day! We went with OWL rafting who provided us with excellent (not to mention gorgeous looking) guides for the day, and we set off on a yellow school bus (I have an unhealthy obsession with these vehicles). During the day, we paddled our way through several rapids and even surfed against a few! Due to being in a sports raft (6 people) instead of a 12 man raft we were bound to find ourselves in the rapids a little… a big understatement.

This is my favourite shot from the holiday, it’s my younger cousin “Drew” and myself at his 16th Birthday party. To conclude this post I had a lovely time in Canada and I can’t wait to go back next year! It was a wonderful way to socialise with my much-missed cousins and the trip really motivated me to get off my sofa and do something with my life, so here is a little bit of motivation for you:

Hope that gives you guys some happiness for the week!

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I hope you feel inspired to write about your summer travelling whether it may be abroad or just down to the beach with friends!
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