“Exploring Canada” Day 3: Walking on the Edge

I headed to Toronto for a special reason and that is to attempt the Edgewalk challenge, a walk around the top of the CN Tower (that’s 1,168 ft above the ground!)


I’m attempting this walk in memory of my grandmother Maisie who suffered with Alzheimer’s and sadly died in 2008, I have decided because of this to fund-raise for the charity “Alzheimers Society”. This special charity works to improve the quality of life of people affected by Dementia; including myself. The word Dementia describes a set of symptoms that include memory loss & mood changes, there are also several different types of Dementia. During my own family’s struggle with Dementia, “Alzheimers Society” provided us with information, care workers, equipment and most importantly gave us support when some days it all got a bit too much.I was really looking forward to the walk and seeing the CN Tower for the first time cemented my excitement. We had about 30 minutes of safety talks and checks (including a Breathalyzer, metal detector, a pat down and our harness’ checked about 8 times) then it was off to the top. The view of Toronto was spectacular and exhilarating and took a while to get over! Whilst on the walk we did a couple of activities including “Toe’s over Toronto”, leaning backwards and forwards off the edge, and walking on the edge; we also found out that we were part of the Guinness World Records for walking the highest walk in the world (pretty exciting!).

canada edgewalk
Afterwards I met with a lovely representative from “Alzheimers Society of Toronto” named Bev. We took some photo’s together for the charities facebook page and then I was treated to a refreshing  ice cream (well appreciated when the temperature outside was reaching heights of about 36 degrees!)
Highlights from the Edgewalk DVD will be going up on my Youtube channel in a couple a weeks, until then feel free to check out some other video’s I’ve made on my channel here
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I hope you feel inspired to write about your summer travelling whether it may be abroad or just down to the beach with friends!
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