For the Month of May & June…

So as you may have noticed I’ve been more than a little quiet on here – bordering on MIA quiet actually – but I’m back and ready to make FarewellMay fabulous again by bringing lots of new content to the front lines including new reviews, photography musings & some more personal and intimate posts thrown in there. In all honesty, I’ve possibly had the busiest two months I’ve ever experienced, from handing in my last university work – EVER -, celebrating my 22nd Birthday – I have decided to sing Taylor Swift ’22’ each morning until May next year -, and being the head photographer at a wedding. Mad I know, that’s a lot to happen in May & June.

At the beginning of May, I had a personal mini break from both impending university work and blogging, as I argued to myself “you only turn 22 once” – also I simply refuse to work on a day which is a dedicated fun day -.


For the rest of May, I dedicated time both awake and asleep – never again will I do an all-nighter….ever – to my last hand in at University ready for my degree show in June/July. If I’m frank I’m glad it’s finally over in a way so I can finally get on and start living my life. Anyone who has been to university can probably back me up here, but it feels like you’re in a bubble for the duration of your degree; slowly maturing but life still generally at a standstill. I will miss the late night’s watching Sex and the City, eating a horrendous amount of takeaway and late morning lie-in, but balance that with the idea of no education? yeah, goodbye Deliveroo. However, it does make me a little nervous that my next step is a full-time job… I will be doing a full post all about my time at university, my happy points and my low points all in time for graduation on the 4th July so stay tuned! If you’re in Norwich and want to catch my degree show it’s from the 27th-5th July at Norwich University of the Arts.



On the 5th of June, I shot my first wedding! Photography has always been a passion of mine (it was one of the reasons I started this blog originally) and now I’ve finished university I’m in the weird position of deciding what I want to do with my life. After attending one of Lauren’s (Britton Loves) mini masterclasses at the Blogosphere Cafe event; she inspired me when she told of how her favourite type of photography was portrait photography. It made me think about whether pursuing photography as a thing on the side might be something I would enjoy especially if it was focused on taking photos of people. Anyways, back to the wedding, it was for my dad’s partners’ daughter & it was just so fun to experiment with my equipment and styles of shots. I’ve decided to set up a website just to see if anyone’s interested so if you’re looking for an affordable photographer for some blog images, family photos or your special day, I’m your person! Just click here and you’ll be transported over to my photography website with all my images and details!



On the 13th June, I passed my driving test…FINALLY. It took me two tries and a nervous breakdown in a car, but who’s counting, eh? But finally, I can vroom around in my own little four wheeled drive. I’m  going to be writing a blog post on this in the future, as even if I’m only 22 – a young-un to many – there was still quite a few differences in my learning experience compared to a 17-year-old learner. I’m between going for a Fiat 500 – literally just saw the most perfect mustard coloured one on the way to the V & A – or a Ford Fiesta, so let me know your opinion down below on which I should be getting!
Lastly, I wanted to use this post to tell you what you can expect from FarewellMay in the next year – or at least six months -. Firstly, that I want to focus more on Photography, Beauty and Lifestyle. Like I mentioned previously I’ve always had an interest in Photography and it’s one of the things I enjoy most when managing my blog, These will be mainly posts like photo diaries in a day.

Secondly, I want to give more back to you guys; by this, I mean being more active on my social media channels. Being a constant presence on my twitter page so I can meet and chat to my lovely readers, instagramming behind the scenes/ in the moment images, giving you updates on new and exciting content on Facebook, the list goes on. All my links are above, so if you’re not already following me you know what to do!

My blog is something personal to me, it’s  unique and individual, which is something I should cherish more. A personal aspect is what I currently feel is missing from my little home on the internet. I may write in a personal style and have my opinion but in all honesty none of these posts into greater detail about things that I enjoy or bother me on a daily basis. I want to start doing more personal posts about the things I adore and the things that rub me the wrong way. How chub rub does my noggin in everytime I go to London – it’s hot. I want to wear a pretty dress. But nope -, how I’ve tried the majority of contraceptives in the UK and one even made me gain 3 stone, how I love food to death but I’m GF so I make myself healthy alternatives. All of these are post worthy but because they don’t fit in with the typical ‘blogger with a marble homeware and a white af house’ ignored them and kept them private because I wanted to appear as something that I’ve aspired to be.

I’ve reached 22 now and I’m fed up of trying to be someone else, I want to embrace me; with all my kinks, flairs and curves on show.

Let me know the kind of content you would like to see on FarewellMay as I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


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