Tried & Tested // GlossyBox – July 2013

I bought my first ever GlossyBOX in July and I must say I was mightly impressed! The products came in a little turquoise box with little coral images on it (very suitable for the month). 
I wanted to start off with my favourite product from the July box, the “Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Hair Mist”. Normally on a day-to-day basis I don’t like doing anything fancy with my hair, it takes way too much time and effort for the 5 minutes I get in the morning before college (I confess I am that person who will skip doing their hair occasionally in the mornings), but spritzing a couple of pumps of this each morning gave my natural waves a boost and transformed them into cute curls instead of frizz. I’ve been dying to get some sea salt spray for months and now I can’t live without it!
For those of you living in or visiting hot countries this summer staying cool is essential and so is this facial spritz by antamologie. One thing I want to highlight is that it has a unique smell as the product also contains lavender! I honestly don’t know how to explain it except by using the word “fresh”. I would have preferred this as body spritz instead of facial spritz.
One product I didn’t enjoy was the “Sleek Pout Paint”, it was a very big disappointment. Supposedly “Lip Paint” is meant to provide you with long lasting and full colour however when I tried it actually felt like I was applying acrylic paint to my lips (not a nice experience). Appearance-wise it looked like a young child had drawn all over my lips in windows paint, definitely, would not recommend this.
I didn’t have much use for this “Coola Mineral Suncream” as I live in the UK (it rains A LOT). However, my new NARS foundation (as you may have seen on my youtube channel) doesn’t contain SPF, which being a “pale freckled red head” was my worst nightmare! People with fair skin have to take extra precautions to protect their skin as we get sunburnt easily which causes skin damage, wrinkles and could leave us with a high risk of skin cancer (so for extra protection I used it under my everyday make-up). It’s scent is almost a combination of plastic and suncream, but it left my skin soft and protected, which made me feel good inside and out.
Last but not least is the “Essie Sleek Stick” which I had high hopes for after reading rave reviews about “Essie’s” nail products. They come in a range of different patterns which all look lovely however most of the nail stickers said to have been “designed to fit perfectly for my nail” really didn’t and only covered up about half of my nail. Also I found that I the nail stickers were very delicate and would bend on themselves if brushed against something slightly making them very impractical. In the end they were half-peeling off my nails by a few hours so I decided to take them off. I liked the look of this product however these beauties were not long-lasting!
All together I was very happy with my first beauty box, and I am looking forward to trying out and reviewing even more unique products in the future.
What beauty boxes have you tried and tested? and which one is your favourite?
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