How-To: Have Yourself A Pamper Night In

1.The first thing I want to do when I get home is to take off my makeup, it feels heavy on my face during the day and once it’s off my face feels incredibly relieved! Cleansing also allows your skin to breathe. For this I use Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanser which is a god send for my troubled skin!

2. Next on the agenda is a nice hot bath or in my case, shower. If you have the luxury of a bath take your favourite bath fizzers, bombs, melts and bubble bars (my favourite being LUSH’s Phoenix Rising and The Comforter) and play some of your favourite tunes whether it’s relaxing classical or your favourite 90/00’s pop bands. (Spotify also has a section where you can pick a playlist depending on your mood)
However if you are unlucky enough to be stuck with only a shower you can still have a relaxing time! I use LUSH’s Snow Fairy gel and Soap and Glory’s Shower Butter for a sweet smelling experience as well as turning Youtube karaoke up loud for all to hear!

3. After a shower I make sure to moisturise. I have quite oily skin so don’t desperately need to moisturise however on a pamper evening I like to use Soap and Glory’s Smoothie Star Body Milk (a companion product to the shower butter I mentioned earlier), the whole Smoothie Star range smells sweet and similar to the Christmas Cookie/Snowflake Cookie range from Yankee Candles (like freshly baked cupcakes!). I also make sure to moisturise my face as from the heat of the shower can get dehydrated, for this I use Neutrogena’s Oil Free Grapefruit Face Moisturiser. After this I apply my spot treatment and my eye cream (body shop tea tree and body shop feeling younger).

4. After all of that, next is to get cosied up in my pyjamas. As spring in the UK can often flit between warm and cold I’ve found these Topshop Little Mermaid Pyjamas (illustrating a continuing obsession with Disney even at 20) they still sell this set with shorts instead of leggings.

5. A constant worry for my mother is that I have quite the obsession with candles at the moment. I have an oil burner (a present from my boyfriend Ben) and use it all the time, its exceptionally good for sampling new scents, however if I love a scent I buy it as a large candle. My ultimate favourites are the sweet scents from Yankee Candle like Vanilla Cupcake, Asda do cheaper versions of Yankee Candles called Simply Home and these are just as good as the originals (I honestly cant tell any difference).

6. Just before I assume my regular position under my covers I’ll pop to the kitchen to make myself a hot chocolate (and a water bottle if its a chilly night), my favourite is the Milky Stars hot chocolate which actually has miniture milky stars in the mix. Both Ben and I have tried our fair few of different brands of hot chocolate, his favourite being Malteaser and Peanut Hottie (a peanut butter hot chocolate? yuck!).

7. Now you’ve made your way into bed (not to venture out till morning) it’s time to put on a film, my suggestion would be something nolstagic like Harry Potter or an over-the-top girly film like Legally Blonde (my go-to chick flick). Enjoy the feels!

What do you think? I love taking the time out to have a little pamper night at home once, maybe twice a week. Especially on Sunday’s… 

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