Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul

Lush Christmas / Boxing Day Sale - Karma Kream, Butterbear, So White, Magic of Christmas, Snowcake Soap. Shoot for the Stars
Every year I miss out on the LUSH Boxing Day Sale, however, this year I managed to log on early and catch myself a bargain! As per usual, the sale was nothing short of a nightmare, thousands were trying to get onto the site and were either told everything was sold out or were given an error screen, after hours of refreshing and refreshing I finally managed to get through. With a massive 50% off I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste.
Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul - Karma Kream, Magic of Christmas, Golden Wonder, Beautiful Shower Gel, Snowcake Soap

 I managed to get It’s Christmas Deer Gift Set (WAS £26.50 || NOW £13.25) which included:

Karma Kream Hand and Body Lotion

A Citrus scented lotion filled with Almond oil and Cocoa butter to nourish your skin, not my favourite scent (due to my hate of citrus) but I still can’t wait to give it a try!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
I have tried this bath bomb once before, it leaves a golden/white/blue residue and releases a light citrus scent. Not my favourite but still a good bath ballistic none the less.

Beautiful Shower Gel

Beautiful Shower Gel is said to contain peach juice and dried apricots which makes it an excellent shower gel to wake you up in the shower on those early morning starts.

Snowcake Soap
A marzipan scented soap, for someone who is not a keen soap lover. I love the creamy cake smell it gives off.

Magic of Christmas Bubble Wand
My favourite out of the lot as it contains cinnamon along with hints of orange and cloves.

I chose this set because I loved the look of the tin (which I can always use for something else later) and apart from my favourite Magic of Christmas Bubble Wand and the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb I hadn’t tried any of the rest, I wanted to start trying new lush products as I always find I stick to my favourites!

I also got a Butterbear tin (WAS £14.95 || NOW £7.48) which contained 6 Butterbears – a reformed version of the famous Butterball – a cocoa butter bath bomb perfect for a pamper. I love the ButterBear Bath Ballistic, I either pop it in the bath with something else or just on it’s own to help moisturise my skin, so when I come out the bath I’m silky smooth.

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul - Snow Fairy, So White, Snow Angel, Shoot for the Stars, Magic of Christmas
Lastly, I got a few of my favourite individual bath bombs and bubble bars which included:
Snow Fairy, 500ml x 1 (WAS £12.75 || NOW £6.28)
I buy one every year as I love the sweet bubblegum type scent, such a shame its limited edition but luckily 500g tends to last nearly a year!
Shoot for the Stars x 3 (WAS £3.65 || NOW £1.83) 
A brilliant night time bath bomb, Shoot for the Stars has a gorgeous sweet honey and caramel scent which is thankfully not too overpowering and is possibly my favourite bath bomb of all time.
 So White x 2 (WAS £3.65 || NOW £1.83)
It seem’s like a plain white bath bomb however once in the bath it fizzles away to reveal a sweet pink apple scented bath. When your feeling down and just want a girly pamper this is the perfect bath bomb to make you feel better.
Magic of Christmas x 3 (WAS £5.95 || NOW £2.98)
As I said previously it’s my favourite bubble bar, so I made sure to get lots to last me a while.
Discount = £45.10
END TOTAL = £37.68


So as you can see I made a huge saving! Even though getting online was a big hassle I’ll definitely do it again next year. Let me know if you managed to catch anything in the boxing day sales or if not what you favourite lush product is?



  1. February 2, 2016 / 11:52 am

    Look at all that good stuff. I love the bath bombs.

  2. February 2, 2016 / 2:23 pm

    Maybe I need to give LUSH another chance. I find the smell as I wander in quite overwhelming which means I haven't really used any of their products.

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