Lush Christmas Favourites

Christmas is my all time favourite holiday, and during the winter months I like to take the time to pamper myself a little more than usual; that means buying near to the entirety of Lush’s Christmas Bath Range. If I had unlimited money I would probably fill my whole bedroom with LUSH products, but as I’m on a student budget I’ve just picked up a few of my favourites.

Reusable Bubble Bars are my normal go-to as they don’t cost a bomb and you can use as much or as little as you like. Christmas means the arrival of Reusable Bubble Wand’s, to add an extra little sparkle and bubbles to your bath. Since landing last year, I’ve been in love with The Magic of Christmas which has a classic warm and spicy Christmas scent, with hints of orange oil, almond oil all on a Cinnamon Stick. Another favourite for sweet scent lovers is Magic Wand, which carries Lush’s most popular scent, Snow Fairy, which is  BubbleGum & Candy Floss scented. This used to be my favourite but as I’ve got older I’ve got over the overly sweet scents and tend to opt for more spicy scents.

As for my all time favourites, I managed to pick up Butterbear & Shoot for the Stars – which coinscidentally is the best combination – which I picked up again just for this post as I had already used the previous because I was too excited. Butterbear is practically Butterball in a cute bear shape filled with cocoa butter, cocoa powder and ylang ylang oil. It may not add bright bubbling colours to your bath, but boy, does it make it smell good; it also makes your skin baby soft and moisturised. As for Shoot for the Stars, it has and always will be my favourite Christmas bath bomb. Recently it’s had a little revamp and It has a gorgeous deep blue colour with gold stars adorning it’s outside that float around in your bath. It contains cocoa butter, bergamot oil, honey and Brazilian orange making a rather relaxing late night bath. So White has also had a revamp, originally a luscious pink shade once thrown in the bath, it is now a green colour, which is probably more appropriate as it has a refreshing apple scent.

As well as the old classics there are a few new additions this year, such as Mistletoe and Never mind the Ballistics, I have yet to try either of these but I might just have to have a bath later and pop one in! Mistletoe bubbles into a gorgeous pink and purple bathtime with a heavenly jasmine scent that could easily send you off to sleep. While Never Mind the Ballistics is not only a bath bomb but is also part melt which makes a bath that much more relaxing and soft. It also contains bananas, lime oil and cocoa butter which combines to make a fruity and fresh bathtime.


What are your Lush favourites? Have you been able to pick any of the Christmas Collection up? Let me know in the comments!

Anna xo


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