LUSH “Ocean Salt”

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As I am rather poor at the moment i’ve resorted to collecting samples from my new favourite shops, LUSH. Recently I picked up a sample of Ocean Salt as I had heard some rave reviews about it and wanted to try out new products. Ocean Salt is an exfoliator made with lime, sea salt, and vodka meaning it’s especially beneficially for spot-prone skin! I would only use this exfoliator once a week as the sea salt can become quite harsh on the skin and irritate it. 
Would I repurchase?
No because it is a little too harsh on my skin, but if I had a massive breakout this would be my go-to exfoliator. 
Score: 3/5
Give it a go and see if it works for your skin. You can buy it from your local LUSH store at £13.25 a pot. Leave me a comment on your opinion on Ocean Salt and recommend some LUSH  products I should review as Im still quite new to the franchise.

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