Lush Valentines Loves


As you probably well know by now, I do love a Lush Haul especially when it comes to the seasonal explosion of new products. As Valentines Day has arrived this week, I made sure to order a few new additions before they disappear for another year. Whilst I’m still holding onto my Christmas favourites from my last haul I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss LUSH’s Valentine’s collection yet again; thinking about it now…I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything from the Valentines collection – shock horror! -.

When introducing a newbie to Lush, I always suggest trying out one of their reusable bubble bars first; they’re really easy to use as all you have to do is crumble a piece – you only need to use a small amount so they last forever – into your bath and it creates the full hog – bubbles, a fantastic scent and a gorgeous coloured bath -. For Valentines Day I decided to pick up the adorable multicoloured Unicorn Horn which has a relaxing lavender scent perfect after a long working day. Unicorn Horn’s multitude of colours creates a comforting bath filled with peach coloured bubbles while the Neroli oil comforts your skin making you feel content and happy inside and out.

Whilst I love flowers, and most of my body mists tend to be on the floral side of scents, I’m not all that keen on roses – uncommon opinion perhaps – But when the ladies at Lush showed me a demo of this beauty I knew I had to try it for myself! Rose Bombshell releases a fresh and rosy scent turning your bath a gorgeous warm pink colour whilst releasing a flurry of petals into the water, creating a floral oasis of a bath.

As a great lover of all things butterball, when they came out with Lover’s Lamp I was rather excited; mainly because it’s just so similar to my favourite. Like Butterball it’s made with the super softening cocoa butter which leaves your skin smooth and moisturised without feeling oily or sticky – thank god -. The difference between the two is that Lovers Lamp also contains Brazilian orange oil which makes it smell rather similar to a terry’s chocolate orange. Lastly, from the Lush Kitchen, I managed to pick up this limited edition Butterball Body Conditioner, I was so excited to try this out as like I said earlier I love the original butterball scent, however, I’ve found when first washed off it still feels a little oily on the skin. Only when I’ve towelled myself dry does that oily feeling turn into nicely nourished skin. That aside, it leaves a gorgeous scent on the skin so I could quite happily look over the minute of oiliness.


Will you be picking up anything from the Valentines Collection?



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