My LUSH Recruitment Evening

A couple of days ago I spotted an advert for a retail assistant in my local LUSH window and popped in to apply straight away! The girl I spoke to was lovely however she did “grill” me a little, asking my age, availability (apparently I wasn’t likely to get the job because I couldn’t put down “full availability” as I go to college 2 & 1/2 days a week) and finally she asked me to sell a product to her right on the spot. Even though I haven’t done much in the way of selling before I blitzed this stage by reciting all the ingredients and pro’s of the product (impressed her quite a bit apparently). She then finally invited me to a LUSH recruitment evening!

I swear I researched half the internet in preparation for the evening because I was so nervous, however I managed to pile key information down so I could remember it all. We were also told to bring an item that represented us in some way (I’m guessing to show what kind of person we are). 
I headed off to LUSH, and arrived about 20 minutes early and already there was a line forming. Over 40 people turned up for one job! I was quite surprised by this considering it was such a small shop. We bundled in and were given a form to fill out with our details; the sheet also had an random question, mine was “If you could have any actor/actress play you in a movie, who would it be?”. I hate this question so much, it makes me want to scream every time I see it! I have no idea who would play me, so I scribbled down a quick answer “Anna Paquin” and handed it in without a second thought. 
The group was then separated into half to introduce themselves and their “item”, I have to say there were some interesting one’s! I brought a picture of my edge walk experience (see my post here) and that seemed to be “individual” enough.
The second activity split us up into group of 4’s and 5’s, we were then oven a scenario and were told we could ask two question’s to help us find the perfect gift for this scenario. My group did well on this activity and I was allowed to impart some of my LUSH product knowledge. However when it came to presenting our gift I could hardly get a word in edgeways, which really annoyed me as the staff didn’t really notice me because of it.However all of them were lovely and really hospitable and it was a very relaxing atmosphere.
That was the end of the evening! It was really fun and different, and even though I was anxious I really enjoyed it. However I personally think they should of conducted 1 to 1 interviews as well  because a lot of the girls there (myself included) couldn’t really get their view’s or knowledge of lush across in simple group exercises. I had spent 5 whole day’s revising my butt off learning about the company and the products and how to sell, but the staff never got to see any of it which I think was a real shame. I’m still waiting for a phone call so you never know!
 I do however have some tips for you all who plan to get a job at LUSH one day! 
Be outgoing/confident – You can’t be shy in these kind of things! From experience I can say, the people who were noticed were the one’s who talked whenever there was an opportunity.
Be humorous – Don’t be afraid to slip a joke into conversation, it will give off the image that you’re relaxed (even if you’re really not!)
Lush Knowledge – Wherever you can slip in your knowledge of the LUSH company, it’s ethics, the ingredients they use, as staff love to see someone who is passionate for the company (a little LUSH can go a long way).
and last but not least
Be individual – Whether it’s your clothes, hair colour or personality, do whatever you can to stand out and be noticed (in a good way!)
p.s. all stores will be different in the way they conduct recruitment evenings as Lush is a franchise not a company! 

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