New Look Autumn/Winter Collection 2014 #NLAW14

Yesterday after college I headed down to London to visit the #NLAW14 (New Look Autumn/Winter 14) collection event. As im reletively new to the blogging scene being invited to event like this was a major suprise for me (also the fact that im ot exactly a fashion blogger)and I started planning my outfit straight away!

I was decked out head to toe in Primark, wearing a bright printed lime green dress and glitter jelly sandals (not my best choice of footwear for walking) paired with a Topshop leather jacket.

When I got to the event it was like wonderland! There were rows and rows of selectively styled mannequins, cocktails, hangers showing off gorgeous garments and accesories, not to mention a nail bar! Straight away I headed over to get my nails done. They were doing 6 different types of nail art along with a base colour of yor choice. Here’s mine:

The ladies were lovely to chat to and I was really impressed with how she did the small litlle flowers so thankyou @effy_nails and @clairek_nails!

After my nails were done I managed to pop around the showroom and takes some pictures for you guy’s (featuring some of my favourites from the collection)

This is the new “mermaid” trend, they’ve combined both pastel colours with translucent sequins giving off the effect of a mermaids shimmering tail. This is definately going to be one of the staple trends of A/W14 I feel.

There were also some much bolder sequined pieces including this gorgeous fuschia dress. Elle Woods would be jealous!

Velvet seem’s to be really popular as-well for next season as it was an ever-present texture mainly in the darker tones. As a long time lover of velvet im really looking forward to seeing this in stores!

Oriental patterns isnt just for kimono’s! The intricate pattern is now being seen on skirt’s and dresses galore. I have a real love of japanese culture so the idea of bring this to UK stores really excites me!

After looking round a bit more, I grabbed a cookie and a goodie bag and jetted off to Primark. Everything I bought will be up in a video/blog post soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Whilst on the train home I took the time to check out my goodie bag from the event. I got a lovely thick woollen scarf (pictured above) which I loved so much I wore it on the train; even though it was hot and sunny…and I also got a £50 gift card for New Look which will probably last just under a day. I thoroughly enjoyed my first fashion event and look forward to attending some more in the future (invite me please?).

Leave me a comment in the box below telling me what’s caught your eye in your local New Look store recently or alternatively check out their website here 🙂


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    Nice new look winter coleection. Thanks \for sharing.

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