New Years Resolutions

As a child my new years resolution was always to “Eat Pie”. Sad to say I’m 18 now and have still not gone within an inch of any kind of pie, so I decided to start anew and think up some new years resolutions for 2014!
I’ve hardly been looking to my blog for a while recently (due to some big life changes- which I will talk about later) and it’s gotten me really depressed that something I’m really passionate about, has taken a back seat in my priorities list. So starting the 1st of January 2014 I will be blogging everyday. Yes, everyday. I want to put all I have into this blog to make it the best It can be. 12 blog posts are waiting in the wings already so I hope you enjoy reading them when they are published!
One of the reasons I’ve been away for so long Is that I found a part-time job at Wilkinsons Retail. However it was only a temporary contract over the Christmas period, so I am now jobless (and without money to buy my weekly beauty treats). So, being a motivated girl I am already handing out CV’s to everywhere and anywhere, and hopefully this persistence will pay off.

I have finally found the motivation to do some exercise and get fit again after a 3 year break from dance lessons. Now I’m not one of those induviduals who find it easy to go to the gym weekly or get up at 5am each morning to run, so instead I have decided to give “Zumba” a try! I will be posting weekly results on this blog to document my journey, motivate myself and maybe along the way encourage others to get up and shake their bum to get fit!

These are a only a few of my resolutions for the upcoming year, but I’m sure even more will crop up during the year.

What are your resolutions for the new year?
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