Term One at University

As mentioned in my previous post I am now attending NUA: Norwich University of the Arts studying a BA Degree in Fine Art (much the opposite to beauty and fashion). I have just finished my first term and though I would reflect on how it went. There is one thing I want to point out first though:

An art degree is not a doss. There is a lot of work behind it and a lot of the time coming up with new theories and idea’s can be a bit too much on the brain. We don’t just produce art, we produce essays, research files, sketchbooks, and reflective journals as-well. Now that’s over with…

There were many points in this term where I thought: What the hell am I doing with my life? (mainly when our task was to draw weeds).

Nothing is as good as my mum’s home cooking (mainly her mini lasagne’s she brings down when she visits).

Its okay to not be homesick. Yes I miss my parents especially my mum (who I used to live with) but why let that stop or distract you from enjoying your time at university?

It is also okay not to go out every night or every week, not everyone can be a party animal, myself included (much prefer a pizza while watching Lord of the Rings)

Here’s a couple of pictures taken around my university building, it’s so pretty!
Hope you enjoy.


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