Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang

At the moment I have a small obsession with red lipsticks (small is an big understatement) and I have been eyeing up this beauty for months now; Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang. So when my boyfriend said he would take me on a shopping spree for my Christmas present (all expenses paid for) I sprinted to Superdrug to get this lip laquer first!
Catergory-wise I would place it in between Lipsticks and Lipgloss; the way you apply this product is identical to lipgloss, however it is much higher in consistency and gives a bold red colour as soon as you apply it. The product is also long-lasting as it acts as lip stain, making sure your gloss stays perfect all day.
My one complaint about this product is that its hard to get rid of mistakes. If you glide it over a bit too fast or accidentally go past your lip line, the lipgloss stains that part of your face. Which means a lot of scrubbing to get it off.
Overall I love this product and its the perfect red for winter and early spring!
Here’s how the product looks after applied:
Hope your all looking forward to NYE tonight and I wish you a Happy New Year!
Talk to you later,

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