That Lame Company Spring #Box of Lame

I’m a huge lover of stationary; anyone who knows me will also know of my extensive collection of notebook’s, pencils and pens and the fact that nothing excites me more than starting a new page in a book. I had come across That Lame Company a while back when looking at some alternatives to my beloved Paperchase, needless to say I loved their products and saved it as a bookmark (which I would sadly forget about).

Skip forward a couple of months and I see a lot of bloggers on my twitter feed going on about a #springboxoflame, so I investigated further and low and behold That Lame Company were selling their box filled with stationary goodness. The #BoxOfLame is a one off box filled with an assortment of goodies from That Lame Company and other smaller businesses, the box itself was created and put together by the wonderful Chloe. What I loved about this box was not only was I receiving some beautiful stationary bits (which I had been admiring for a while) but getting all the small pieces from 3rd party brands I had never heard of before, introducing me to some brilliant new brands! Also the presentation of the box was amazing, from the spotted gold tissue paper wrap to the green shredded paper on top (to symbolise grass) and the chick with two little golden chocolate bunnies nested on top.

Inside I found…

1x Twig Pencil (Unfortunately mine was forgotten in my box but is being sent to me as we speak!) // That Lame Company 

As for the small business’; I love the Cat stickers from Cousins Collective, I’m not quite sure where to stick them yet as I don’t want to waste them but will probably be popping them on my plain blogging notebooks to jazz them up. I also received a “Bitch i’m Fabulous” badge from Life’s Big Canvas which will either don my favourite bag or denim jacket to make me feel confident when I step out the door (because sometimes I need a reminder i’m fabulous).

I’ve already started using my notepad’s particularly the Meal Planner as I started my diet last week (planning meals and figuring out what I have to actually buy is so helpful), I especially like the tick boxes underneath that way I can make sure I don’t overbuy and waste money on food I already have packed away in cupboards. I’ve also been constantly using my “I should of done this yesterday” pad as I’m a sucker for to do lists (especially as this Friday is hand in day – kill me now).The Spring #BoxOfLame is being sold for £21 and considering all together the products are worth £50+ that’s not a bad bargain! Also, if you live in the UK you get p&p free of charge (just keeps getting better). I’m already waiting for the next box to come out!

There’s a few left here so make sure you grab one before they’re all gone!
Whats your favourite item from the box? Let me know below!

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