What Is The “Perfect” Blogger?

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One of my main procrastination habits is reading other people’s blogs on Bloglovin’, this is mainly to gain inspiration for my own blog so I can make it as beautiful and user-friendly as possible for my readers. However I’ve noticed so many blogs now, especially Fashion and Beauty blogs look too beautiful…as in everything looks pristine, everything has to have a white background and be styled to perfection, the girls are a perfectly slim size and look like they’ve just been taken out of a magazine shoot with photoshop involved. Obviously, I can’t talk for other bloggers, but for myself? This is a lot of pressure. There’s a big enough struggle to show your individual style and what makes you special amongst thousands of others doing the same thing already, let alone the majority of other bloggers projecting this “perfect persona” which readers seem to flock to. As a curvy teenage (well nearly 20 now) girl who likes to wear (probably stinky) pyjamas all day, who suffers with spots on her body, who is so clumsy a white bedroom is a nightmare come true; It is hard to push myself into this genre just because I know this will more likely get my blog more attention. I’d love to be a skinny size 8/10 and for my OOTD’s to look like everybody else’s but that wouldn’t be me. I think it’s wrong to enforce these “perfect” stereotypes that no one can live up to; it makes us constantly feel put down because our pictures aren’t pretty enough or we aren’t perfect enough to be in this high-flying community. Instead I have decided to spend more time on developing and adding to my blog, and hopefully in the future when I start to feel more confident I’ll be able to post more Outfits of the day etc (something I would really love to get into!). I don’t think I’ll ever be the “Perfect” beauty or fashion blogger, but I’ll be the best damn me I can be!

Sorry for my little rant, but it’s just something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while now! Let me you know if you agree or disagree in the comments below!p.s. please don’t take this as a rant to anyone in particular it’s not, it’s about the community in general.


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