Tried & Tested // Jurlique Activating Water Essence*

I’m pretty slack when it comes to skincare, a cream cleanser morning and night and that’s me done. However, over the last couple of weeks I’ve taken some extra time out of my day to spend longer caring for my skin. In particular one of my staple products this month has to be the NEW Jurlique Activating Water Essence…


Only just released at the start of September, Activating Water Essence is still pretty new so I wanted to get a review out not only for you, my readers but for anyone thinking of spending pennies on some new skincare. Before trying Activating Water Essence I had only heard of Jurlique through my favourite bloggers but I had still never experienced any products myself.

At first glance I expected it to be some sort of serum; when the product was in my palm, I had the thought: “Is this just glorified water?” however once I used it on my skin that thought went out the window.
You only need the smallest amount *literally three drops will do* to treat and cover the whole face. Originally I thought you needed a good palm full and swamped my face, needless to say, I was “extra hydrated” those days.


Jurlique Activating Water Essence is full of natural and pure ingredients which can all be traced back to Jurlique’s own farm all the way over in Australia. Its main ingredient is Marshmellow Root Extract which helps to soften, hydrate and revitalise your skin, it also preps your skin to get the most out of the rest of your routine.


Recently my skin has been going haywire – super oily one day then the next it’s dry as a bone, so the hydration has really helped to plump and balance my skin whilst keeping it feeling fresh all day long. I use it after I’ve cleansed and toned my skin, however, I make sure not to use a cotton pad as this just absorbs all the product *such a waste*. Instead, I use about three drops in my hands and lightly pat this into my face and that’s my routine done for the morning!
At night I use a cream and face oil on top of my morning skincare, so I wait for the product to dry naturally *no using a towel* before continuing on with my ritual. It’s such a simple step to be able to have balanced and hydrated skin and I’m so happy I started incorporated it into my daily routine as I’ve seen such a difference in my skin and complexion.


A plus is that because you only need three drops or so, the product lasts for eons meaning you really get your moneys worth too! * can easily see mine lasting till Christmas next year* You can buy it on Feel Unique, Debenhams or directly from Jurlique themselves just click here.

Will you be trying this new step in beauty regimes?

Anna xo

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