Tried & Tested // Tanya Burr Cosmetics


On 20th august 2015 Tanya Burr re-released her cosmetics line with a lovely new gold packaging. All the products are the same but with a few changes to the smell and consistency. A few new products were added including three eye palettes, a brow palette and the nail colour duvet day. As I already own the majority of lip glosses I instead decided to try the Hollywood eye palette and Duvet Day nail varnish. First I’ll start with the eye palette, I chose Hollywood due it’s lovely gold/brown shades (perfect for any eye) my favourite shadow out of the palette being Enchantment. When it came to applying the product I found a lot of product came off on my brush (causing me to tap out a lot of excess) so I would say for the couple of first timers to makeup who bought this palette, use your fingers! (You’re much less likely to get excess product and then fallout under your eyes after applying. You can get several looks from this palette, a cream eye, a light gold eye, a bronzed smoky eye the list goes on. For anyone starting out with makeup this is the perfect palette to have in your collection. I’ve done a small tutorial on YouTube so check that out too!


As for the nail varnish,  I was really disappointed by this product. I am in love with the colour as it’s a neutral grey with a slight blue tinge. However when I tried to apply the product I struggled to get a clean, glossy finish. Thinking this problem may just be down to my horrific nail painting abilities I asked my mother (a professional beauty therapist) to repaint them, however we still got the same uneven result. To get an “okay” finish I would suggest 3/4 coats though I felt this nail polish was just a cheap 25p formula with a Tanya Burr label slapped on the front.So a mixed review today! Let me know what your experiences are with the Tanya Burr cosmetics line down below!




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