Trip to NYC: Day 3 – Empire State Building

On our third day in the Big Apple, Alice and I took advantage of the beautiful scenery next to our hostel and paraded around central park for a couple of hours. Our group then set off to the second art gallery of the tip, all the way on West 20th Street which was over 40 blocks away! One of the pieces at the David Zchwirner gallery was to experience a white “dome” space where you couldn’t see the ceiling or the edges of the room and you could only hear the echoes of your footsteps (seriously messing with one’s mind)
My college art project was focusing on body image and size, so we thought a trip to Mcdonalds maybe could be passed off as “educational”? I made full use of this opportunity and ordered a large (extra-large in UK) meal, which unfortunately defeated my mighty stomach. Whilst at Mcdoanlds we also took lots of selfies and were spotted by a group of Americans who later stopped us outside and asked for a group selfie which was massive surprise to us!
As I had been to NYC before with my mother I knew the best time to visit the Empire State Building was at sunset so I made sure myself and the girls got tickets and got up to the top before the queues started! The view was spectacular and because we went about 5ish we managed to catch New York in the day, at sunset and at night. I know the girls enjoyed their first experience on the empire state (from what they’ve told me!) even if was absolutely freezing! So I really recommend going just before sunset if you want the best views and photo’s.
(the view from the empire state building)
Since it was only a couple of blocks away we walked to Times Square, however it was the coldest weather I had ever experienced, so to try and keep warm we three created a tightly linked formation to walk in (not the most conventional of idea’s) and waddled all the way. We managed to find a TGI Friday’s and have a spot of dinner, Zoe and Abi going for burgers and myself opting for a children’s spaghetti, needless to say it aaas more of a large portion than a children’s!
After dinner we were hoping to do some shopping but we were so exhausted from walking and the cold that we decided to get a taxi back to the hostel (so boring I know!)

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