Trip to NYC: Day 4 – The final full day

Thanks to a little nudge from Claire (mainly because she’s in it) , I’ve finally got round to writing this the final post to my “Trip to NYC” series. So here it is!
As per usual both my roommate, Alice and I headed out into central park in the freezing cold. However this time our friend Claire managed to wake up just in time to come with us for the last day and as a treat we stopped off at a little coffee shop called “Le Pain Quotidien”.
Some of our classmates a couple of days before bought some chocolate chip cookies from this shop and by goodness they were massive, I’m talking actual face size (as you can see from the pictures below). Of course we had to try them out ourselves and they were just as delicious as they appeared!
For the majority of the day Myself, Alice, Claire and Laura decided to venture into 5th Avenue; home of Bloomingdales, A&F, Hollister and the Apple store. When we were in Apple, I took the advantage to ask one of the staff about a new mac as mine is needing a renewal (a cracked screen, non-functioning DVD drive and trackpad…Its days are limited), we also took a some traditional Apple selfies.

Then when it came to the evening, Abi and Zoe joined us and we went late night shopping in Times Square! Although most of our time was spent in Forever21 which had a beautiful view of the whole of Times Square and a Photo Booth inside which we all got a little too excited about. 

Several Photo Booth sessions later we arrived at the famous Bubba Gump (from the film Forrest Gump) which I had been looking forward to all day. Im in love with shrimp so this restaurant was almost made for me!  I tried to find my meal name on the online restaurant menu but it has vanished! I had penne and shrimp pasta in a lemon/white wine sauce, which was delicious…apart from the lemon sauce (I hate lemons with a passion).
And thats it for my New York Series! Please tell me what you thought by leaving a comment down below, I really do appreciate them.
Anna xox

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