Trip to NYC : Day 1 – The five hour delay

After a sleepless Sunday night, myself and the girls (Abi and Zoe) awoke to an early 3AM start; with difficulty we managed to head off to the airport to start our little adventure! However when we arrived we found our flight had a 5 hour delay. Given a food voucher we scoured duty free, until we came upon a Wagamama’s.

As a Wagamama’s virgin I was a little apprehensive to give it a try but both Zoe and I ended up getting pancakes whilst Abi opted for a breakfast stir-fry. 
The smell wafting from Abi’s stir-fry was so enticing, but sadly I couldn’t have a taste because it contained three types of meat (and I’m pescetarian). Soon our pancakes arrived and they were oh so scrummy and delicious especially with extra nutella, although they were so filling I couldn’t eat them all (a very depressing moment)! 

Finally we found ourselves on a seven hour flight to New York, with a massive selection of entertainment to chose from (yes, the films are my favourite part of a long-haul flight). I watched Frozen (my new favourite film), Hobbit 2 : Desolation of Smaug and Were the Millers.

When we arrived in NYC it was a bitter -15 Degree’s with wind which I think no-one was prepared for. We had to wait an hour in the cold for a bus to our hostel and we were all ready to dump our stuff and settle into our duvet’s once we got there; but not before we ordered  a chinese takeaway (it even came in one of those little boxes you see in the movies)!
That’s all for Day 1 but keep checking back for Day 2!

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