Trip to NYC: Day 2 – Pancake Day!

Used to UK time, Alice and I (my roommate) woke up at about 3 am in the morning and were unable to get back to sleep. Instead of lazing around in our rooms for a couple of hours we decided to make the most of our trip and head out into a -10 degrees central park.

It was really refreshing to take a small walk in the cold as it woke both of us up and made us much more eager to go to our first art museum of the week.

The Guggenheim was a long walk away from our hotel and some of us were desperate for food when we got there (ie. myself) but despite that you couldn’t dismiss the stunning design of the building. The gallery itself was filled to the brim with beautiful paintings and artists including the famous Kandinsky, however I didn’t feel like I really connected with any paintings and left the gallery yearning for something a bit more “3-D”.
After leaving the gallery we were hoping to find somewhere to eat and headed off in a random direction, unfortunately we managed to walk over 30 blocks the wrong way. A spot of lunch and a long sit down later, we finally arrived at Times Square!
We were all rather tired when we arrived and only managed to visit the Disney store, but we made sure whilst we were there to take lots of pictures of the iconic landmark and visit the famous “Red Steps”!  For dinner that evening we managed to find a local restaurant called “Il Violino” which I highly recommend. It was a cosy italian/french style restaurant which served amazing food and excellent customer service. Of course we didn’t forget it was pancake day and made a quick stop to grab a classic nutella (chocolate) crepe on the way back to the Hostel.

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