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Water  Bottle + Ulla

If you’re going to have anything in your gym bag make sure you have a water bottle to hand. I’ve forgotten mine a couple of times and ended up feeling exhausted and ill so unable to do a workout – complete waste of a gym trip. I used to take this VOSS water bottle into the gym and would panic every time it dropped that it would smash into a thousand pieces so instead for gym sessions I take my Disney Minnie Mouse plastic water bottle – much more likely to bounce from the floor-. As someone who has trouble consuming her 2 litres a day I use my Ulla to remind me when I need to drink. Ulla is a small egg-shaped gadget that flashes if you haven’t had a drink within the last half an hour, you just attach it to any glass or bottle and it detects when you put the drink down or take a sip – it’s a lifesaver- .



One I always forget is a small hand towel tucked away in the back of my bag. Now unless you’re one that drips with sweat when you exercise you’ll probably find – just like me – that you don’t need a towel to wipe away the sweaty mess, however, there are more uses for a hand towel such as wiping down equipment – don’t be the guy who leaves a big sweat mark on the machine, I don’t want to be sitting in a pool of downstairs sweat thank you – also sometimes heavy weights can really damage your body if it’s sitting on your bones, however, use your towel to soften the weight and it won’t be as painful doing those butt raises.



For big boobed ladies, this is an essential and it certainly is mine as well. After months of searching, I found a bra that not only fit perfectly but also meant my boobs didn’t bounce up to my ears when exercising – a major bust problem when it comes to any sort of movement -. My trusty Panache Bra see’s me through a long workout – although now it is getting a little big which is exciting – and I’ve found it’s one of the best sports bras for bigger busted girls out there on the market. However here a few of my favourites :

I’m still not quite confident enough to embrace a sports bra & bare tum combination – maybe when I acquire a bikini body? – at the moment I switch between my Ivy Park Grey Tee & a Pink Sports Tee from Primark which are both loose and baggy – don’t want those food babies showing – here’s a few other’s I’ve found :

As for leggings, I have a long high waisted pair from H&M but I have a lot of hate for them. From the first week they started coming away at the seams and bobbling, I’d say when considering and buying sports leggings the higher quality the better as these are the pieces of sportswear that will wear out the quickest! However, I’ve got my eye on some one’s from Nike – I’ve just got to wait till a sale comes around – Here’s a few more I think look great :

I suffer from fallen arches in my feet making running and long distance walking painful and difficult. When it comes to picking the right trainers you need something that will enhance your performance, keep your feet moving, supports and are comfortable to wear – not to mention look good. I have a pair of Nike’s which I managed to get a great deal for in an outlet store in Norwich – £110 down to £35 = Bargain! – these not only look gorgeous and encourage me to workout but also are made to support the arches of your feet during a workout. Trainers are the most important piece of workout gear so make sure you get some which work for you!

Money & A Lock

Whether it be for the bus, car park, to get a snack or to use the weigh in machine at the gym I always make sure to keep a few pounds on me, you never know when you’ll need it. Also, several gyms require a £1 coin to use a locker so it’s always best to keep your change handy. Likewise, if your one to wear jewellery or go shopping before the gym – I take one too many shopping sprees – then it might be a good idea to get a lock for that locker. This way you can rest assured your items are safe amd secure.


What are your gym bag essentials?

Anna xo



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