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Whilst I may be on my third and final year at university, I know there’s plenty of you starting out in your first year and enjoying the week of ‘new experiences’ that is freshers! I’ve done a few What’s in my Bag post’s but wanted to do specifically tailored for you freshers and something to fit in my Student Sundays Series so enjoy my Whats in my Bag Freshers Edit !


If you’re a girl it’s highly likely you will be sporting a pair of heels on a freshers night out; They make your legs look slimmer, you look taller and give the impression you’re ready to party all night long. However, whether you’re an experienced heel wearer or a complete heel avoider, most times wearing these gorgeous shoes will result in a painful annoying blister and have you wishing you never stepped out in these ridiculous shoes. Rollasole provide roll up flat’s that can easily tuck into your bag on a night out or a day adventuring. They come in all different colours, patterns, and styles and are great for an emergency shoe crisis. I have the dalmatian print which I love to provide comfort after a day walking and still look pretty damn stylish.


I’m always on my phone whether it be replying to my twitter mentions or snapchatting my day to day life. During a night out it’s a lifesaver when in need of an emergency taxi, taking photos, finding lost friends in a club and more. In particular, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation you can ring an emergency contact or even the emergency services. Always take your phone wherever you go is my motto.


When going out make sure to take money for your drinks * take out a select amount of cash for the night, you’ll thank me for not being in your overdraft in the morning * and a taxi or bus home as  walking home at 1am is not always the best idea in the jar. I would take a small purse just big enough for a bit of cash just to reduce drunk spending and cards being lost.


It’s an obvious thing to take keys with you wherever you go, but they’re mot only just handy for silently letting youself in at an ungodly hour * probably failing miserably at that *. I always keep a small torch on a chain attached so I can find my way to my door in the dark. I also carry a rape alarm on my keys just for extra protection; which is something I think everyone should carry. They’re relatively cheap but could save your life one day * or in my case embarrass me by setting itself off on the bus *.


On a night out I tend towards a bold/bright lip or a matte one to last the night, but before that I always make sure to use a lip scrub and lipsalve for a good base. There’s not a lot of selection for lip scrubs on the market against the selection of other lip products but the one that stands out for me is the LUSH Lip Scrub in Bubblegum. For balms I switch between a good old vaseline and the Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Balm. For a statement red lip I use the best of both worlds; both matte and bold, M.A.C’s Ruby Woo is always a winner. However if I do decide for something a little more on the nude side, NYX Matte Lip Creme in London is my favourite.


What are your essentials for Freshers Week?

Anna xo

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