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As many of you will be nervously awaiting your results come 18th August – it’s so close it’s almost painful – I thought I’d start of this Student Sundays series with a helpful ‘When  you get your results’ post. Even though it was three years ago for my A-Level results and two years ago I got my foundation results which got me into university – a scary thought in it’s own right – I remember how nervous I was for receiving my results both times yet how excited I was to get cracking and get organised for university life. So whether you get the results you wanted or perhaps not in some cases I want you to read this post and understand no matter your results on the day, if you’re really passionate about taking up a career in your chosen field you can. It’s not the be all end all and there are countless ways to get where you want, you never know it could change your future for the better.


Congrats You Got In

If you got the grades you wanted, Fantastic! Now once you have your results you can log onto UCAS Track and check to see if your confirmed offer is accepted and you have a place for next year. Just make sure you relax after your hard work the rest to come is pretty easy and will fly by. Go out and celebrate as the excitement starts here; learning more about your new university, getting all your essentials packed for your new pad, getting your liver ready for some Freshers nights out, the list goes on.


If you did better or worse than expected…

If you did better than expected – first of all well done you lucky lemon! – you may be able to apply for a different course through UCAS Adjustment with your higher grades, just make sure you thoroughly research universities before switching. There’s no guarantee a different course will be any better than the one you originally applied for so take that into consideration too.

If you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for there’s no need to fret; if you missed it by a few UMS points your firm choice might still accept you so keep and eye out, if they haven’t but you’re a few points off that crucial mark then let them know as the might reconsider -they only get sent your grades, not the UMS score-. If you still want to go to university but you weren’t accepted by your firm choice you can either take up your insurance offer, retake your exams and reapply or apply for clearing and there may be a university with an open place on the course you want.

However, you may decide that university isn’t the place for you and that’s fine too. I know many people who’ve had the time of their lives on gap year adventures, apprenticeships and even full time working and you may find that it suits you more to take that career route, I also know a few people who haven’t enjoyed the university experience even though they were dying to go originally – it’s not always what it cracked up to be -, so keep your chin up.


check student finance

After you’ve confirmed your place at university you’ll want to make sure your student loans are scheduled and ready – it’s always safe to check they’ve got all the information they need and that you will definitely be getting money for university. You don’t want it to suddenly term time with no money for rent, food and perhaps alcohol if you’re going to freshers. The last thing you will need to do I to send off a Declaration Form, by signing this you agree to all terms and conditions of this loan;  If you haven’t done this then your payments can’t be scheduled – so get on it like a car bonnet -. Also, it’s good to know that your loan will not go in straight away and it will be a few days after you’ve enrolled and started at university, so be prepared to self-fund freshers cost and rent as you’ll probably need it before then.



As a new student, you may be entitled to a place in halls so check out your options. These are university run accommodation that is meant just for university students so you will be placed with a mix of students starting at your university. Normally for this, the university may send out questionnaires or personality forms to get an idea of who you are and who you’d be most suited to living with – although it doesn’t always work out that way. However, not all university’s like my own – Norwich University of the Arts – have enough rooms available and will only allocate halls based on how far away you live away from university – your current house – if like me you’re within travelling distance you may find the best option is to seek out private housing. Normally university’s will have a group where you can see other students looking for housing so you can buddy up and find a house together.


join your facebook group

The best way to get involved in uni life before you’ve even started is to join your university/courses fresher group on facebook; this way you can see who’s on your course, start talking to fellow students and maybe make some mates along the way.  Not only can you meet people before you start – avoiding the awkward ‘can I sit with you’ moment – it’s a great place for others to post updates on work the need help with, uni schedule changes and sometimes a place to post room vacancies throughout the years.

If you want more information I found this amazing post from The Student Room – Check it out HERE

I hope you enjoyed this first post of the Student Sunday’s I have quite a few posts planned to help all you newbies – or perhaps oldies – to university out leading up to the start of university. If you have anything you would like help with university-wise or want to be part of deciding which post goes up next,  head over to my twitter where you tweet me or vote for your favourite post to go next.



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