A Trip to the Zoo

Hi guys! This last Monday my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to down memory lane and head over to Colchester Zoo for the day. We got to the zoo super early to make sure we didnt miss any of the animals and to beat the queue’s , however when we got there it was pratically deserted (thankyou winter weather!)
This is us (forgive my lack of makup and dazed look, it was too early in the morning for me!) in the underwater Sea Lion enclosure. Luck was on our side and we had glorius sun all day (even if it was windy aswell). We stayed until about 2.30pm So spent most of the day strolling round the park.
Colchester Zoo recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and is well known for being one of the biggest and best zoo’s in the UK. Both me and my boyfriend Ben agreed that a day around the zoo beats lagging around town anyday!
For 4 hours we felt like small children again, bouncing round the park and enjoying the mini-train ride. There was so many different species of animal to see, my favorite (despite myself being a cat lady in training) being the Red Panda, and Ben’s being the Monkey’s and Fish, specifically the beautiful Orangutang. Unfortunately we kept missing the talk’s and feed’s by minutes but normally they are a mjust for me as they are so fun to take part in!
I couldn’t leave out a picture of the cute small Squirrel Monkey’s we found! Myself and Ben fell in love with these gorgeous creatures due to their playfulness and their ability to entertain for hours on end!
So that pretty much sums up our day at Colchester Zoo, Just to let people know, I prepared a picnic for the zoo as I think it was a bit more appropriate, and as I’m a student, money doesnt come easy!
I hope you guy’s enjoyed this type of post, as it was fun for me to write!
Click on “Colchester Zoo” to head over to their to their site.
When was the last time you visited the Zoo?
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